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Can't buckle up? Seat belt too short? Problem solved.

If you know the Type of seat belt extender you need (learn more below), then you can choose the style, length and color of your preference and start buckling up in safety and comfort.

The Car Seat Belt Extender was designed for those of us who need a little extra length to buckle our seat belts. It’s ideal for those who otherwise can’t buckle up, including some:

  • larger people,
  • people with a limited range of motion,
  • people with medical conditions,
  • people who wear utility belts with a lot of equipment like law enforcement officers and first responders.

Believe it or not, all car seat belts were not created equal. There are dozens of different kinds of seat belts on the road today, so we carry the widest variety of Seat Belt Extender Pros Click-and-go options that accommodate most cars.There are three important things to consider when picking out a seat belt extender.


An extender’s type is determined by its unique pairing of metal tongue and receptacle. Only purchase a specific Type of extender if you know the exact dimensions of both it's metal tongue and your seat belt metal tongue, and you know that they are identical in every way. If you're unsure, the best approach is to shop by vehicle. Just click here.


There are three different extender styles:

  • Rigid: Rigid Extenders buckle into the receptacle of your car's seat belt and stand upright,
  • Regular: Regular Extenders are made out of the same seat belt webbing material as the seat belt's in your car,
  • Adjustable: Adjustable Extenders are similar to Regular Extenders except the length is, well, adjustable.

The style you choose will be determined largely by your specific need.If you are looking to make the seat belt receptacle in your car more accessible, perhaps due to limited mobility, you may prefer a Rigid extender. If you’re strictly looking to add some extra length to your seat belt, a Regular (sometimes described as floppy) extender may be more comfortable for you.


Seat belt extenders come in a variety of lengths. The most important thing to remember when selecting length is always choose the shortest possible extender that is going to get you buckled in where you otherwise couldn't buckle up.

Do all of these options leave you feeling a little overwhelmed? It’s ok! Simply click here to shop by car.

This product is for those who otherwise can’t buckle up. The seat belt extender’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the vehicle’s seat belt and the seat belt’s metal tongue should click into the receptacle of the seat belt extender. However, read and abide by your car manufacturer’s owner’s manual prior to installation or use of this product, which may not be compatible with your car. Failure to read and abide by manufacturer’s warning regarding purchase, use and installation could result in serious injury. Adults and children who can use the existing seat belt should not use an extender. Such unnecessary use, including with child restraints, could result in serious personal injury or death in the event of an accident. Read and abide by safety notes included with the extender and on the manufacturer’s product tag. Authorized reseller of seat belt extenders. Read and abide by the seat belt extender disclaimer.

3 Reviews

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    Extenders that fit your car

    Posted by Fawaz on 26th Jun 2021

    After buying several extenders from different online shops, I found out that they don't fit my cars, so I contacted More of Me to Love to confirm the compatibility. They helped me to find the extenders that fit my vehicles. Excellent customer service support.

  • 5

    Posted by Robert Dean on 26th Apr 2020

    Works great for my classic car with old style GM seat belts. I just had hard time figuring out what which type belt extender to choose on your web site because all the descriptions (pictures) on all types are the same. I got great support help from your online staff (Lucy) on choosing the correct item # to choose for my vehicle. She even sent a pic. description of what I was looking for so I was then able to place my order. Thanks for the help.

  • 4
    seat belt extender

    Posted by JL Vall on 23rd Nov 2019

    good purchase. children said I needed to buckle up every time I drive.