Seat Belt Tension Adjuster (2-Pack)

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Ready to get the seat belt off of your neck? The Seat Belt Tension Adjuster may be just what you're looking for!

The Seat Belt Tension Adjuster has two interlocking pieces with a slider and is the design most diehards are familiar with. It's great for every day use in the same vehicle. This item is great if you travel in other people's vehicles, like taxis, Ubers, fancypants limos, rideshare serves and so forth, because you never know how seat belts in strange vehicles will hit you. The Seat Belt Tension Adjuster keeps your seat belt from making you miserable. 

It is great for:

  • Larger people who need more slack to ride comfortably,
  • Shorter people who dislike the seat belt hugging their face (not that face hugs aren't otherwise nice),
  • Elderly people who prefer more comfortable seat belts,
  • Keeping nicer clothing less wrinkled and crease-y (no, not greasy - that's another tool),
  • Just about anyone, really!

So you have just one more question, right? How do I install it without any tools or hassle? We're glad you asked! How to use the Seat Belt Tension Adjuster:

  1. Detach the top of the adjuster from the bottom by holding both pieces and sliding them in opposite directions.
  2. Position it on your belt strap, with the red lock and flap facing you. Snap back together as it was originally (but now with the seat belt in between).
  3. Slide the adjuster towards the seat belt retractor, and pull the strap out an inch or so, allowing enough slack for your comfort. Lock into position by sliding the red lock to the right; unlock to the left or to re-adjust.

Comes with two units. 

Read and abide by all instructions and warnings that come with this item. Consult your car owner's manual before use. Do not use in any fashion other than the intended fashion. Do not use if this item interferes in any way with your ability to drive. More of Me to Love is a reseller of this item.

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