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  • Type A Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

    Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

    You've heard of BYOB? Now you can BYOE. That's right, Bring Your Own Extender for comfort and safety while you jet-set about the globe. Or, you know, go from Tulsa to Lincoln. We offer two types of Airplane Extenders, simply named the Type A...

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    Universal Airplane Seat Belt Extender beautifully laid out

    Type A Airplane Seat Belt Extender - E4 Safety Certified

    If you're tired of asking flight attendants for a seat belt extender, worried that the crew may run out of belt extensions and wish you could bring your own extender to save the hassle and embarrassment, then this is the perfect product for you. The E4...

    Price $16.98 - $17.98
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    FlyBuckle Color Options in black, beige, red, yellow, blue, and gray

    FlyBuckle Plus-Sized Fashion Belt

    10 out of 10 experts agree: Wearing FlyBuckle regularly decreases pant sagging, enhances the wardrobe, and instantly amps up one's cool factor. This belt is made out of airplane seat belt materials. The adjustable strap and nylon stitching are as...

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