Type B Southwest Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

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The Type B Southwest Airplane Seat Belt Extender is designed to fit most Southwest Airlines planes. It is manufactured by Davis Aircraft Products and is blue.

This extender is FAA Compliant and boasts safety tags detailing its compliance.

With your own airplane seat belt extender, which can adjust to add up to 24" of additional length, you will be prepared to buckle up discreetly and comfortably without any interaction with the airline's flight attendants. 

Please note that not all Southwest Airlines planes still have this type of seat belt and therefore require the Type B Airplane Extender. Some of their newer planes do have a new style of seat belt for which we unfortunately do not currently supply an extender. These planes are a limited part of their fleet.

The use of specific airlines is for informational purposes only and does not constitute an endorsement by any airline company or brand. Airlines reserve the right to refuse the use of any extender but what they provide. Consult the airline you intend to use the extender on before use, and abide by their instructions regarding use. Read complete disclaimer here before using extender. Reseller of airplane seat belt extenders.