365-Day Returns

Returning products can be a messy hassle, but with customer satisfaction in the #1 spot on our priority list, we aim to make it as easy as possible. We only want you delighted with everything you get from us, so we’ll do whatever we can to ensure that your products are the right ones for you.

That's why we boast an industry-leading 365-Day Free Returns and Exchanges Policy! That's right: everything you order is backed up by a full year of risk-free satisfaction. There is no better way to feel confident about your choices than knowing that we will pay for any returns and exchanges in all directions until you're happy with what you have or you have all of your money back.

How To Exchange or Return

The first and easiest step to let us know you need to exchange or return something is to fill out our Exchange & Return Request Form here. This will allow us to assist you with your return in the quickest, most efficient way we can.

What Can Be Exchanged or Returned

What can't!? Pretty much everything can be exchanged or returned, since we're guaranteeing your satisfaction. We ask that you not physically return items to us that have been used and relate to hygiene like Bra Liners or sweat-wicking disposable items. If you wish to return these products, just fill out the form and let us know, and we'll tell you what the steps are.

The only things that can't be returned are those that are intentionally physically damaged. An example would be cutting a safety tag off of a seat belt extender. We still want to make sure you're happy with your order, though, so in all cases get in touch through the return form here and we will do our best to help.

If you purchased our products from another vendor, we would definitely be happy to try to help with your order, but our 365-Day policy only applies to orders place on this website.

Return Shipping

As part of our amazing 365 day free returns, we cover shipping in all directions, including to get orders back to us in the event of a return or exchange. When an item needs to be returned, we will provide you with any necessary return shipping labels. Please do not purchase shipping labels, as we are unable to reimburse for their cost. When we re-ship items for exchange we use standard shipping methods, regardless of the method of shipping selected for the original order. Please review shipping details here to learn more.

If you are an international customer with an order for return or exchange, please refer to our International Shipping policy.


Refunds will be issued as fast as possible. Typically, charges take about 3-5 business days to show back up on credit card statements.

A Note About Returns

We want to help you reduce any trouble associated with returning your order, and we've found that the best way to avoid returns in the first place is to learn more about the product before buying it. Please read all of the product information and look at all of the accompanying pictures. If there are customer reviews on the product page, those can give you a great idea of how other customers are using the product and whether or not they like it. If you have any lingering questions, please get in touch with us through our Live Chat or at help@momtl.com. And, of course, if you ultimately don't want to keep what you bought, we're here to help.