Bolt-in Car Seat Belt Extender

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The Bolt-in sounds like it could be a super hero, huh? It may not be from the comic books you remember, but it's the super hero we need right now. The Bolt-in will whoosh us away from a life of ill-fitting seat belts and incompatible buckles.

A common misconception is that all vehicles' seat belt systems are the same and that a "universal" seat belt extender will work everywhere.

While the concept for most seat belts is the same - the tongue goes into the receptacle - there are many different tongues and receptacles out there and not all of them have extenders that will buckle right in. That's where the Bolt-in Seat Belt Extender comes in.

Rather than connecting at the tongue or buckle, the Bolt-in Extender is installed at the base of the existing seat belt system near the floor of the vehicle. It provides about 12 extra inches of seat belt length. Also known as the Permanent Seat Belt Extender, once this item is installed, it becomes a part of the vehicle, and you may even forget it's there!

If you'd still prefer a buckle in extender, check out our selection of seat belt extenders listed by vehicle to see if there's a likely match for your car by clicking HERE.

Installation guidelines and all necessary parts are included.

This fits most vehicles, though, there are occasionally exceptions. Read and abide by the disclaimer that comes with the product.

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