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Our Elastic Shoelaces allow you to leave your shoes tied all the time, turning them into slip-ons that keep your shoes snug and comfortable when you slide them on.

When someone first proposed this product, some of us looked around incredulously and said with what we now understand was brazen indignation, "Huh? It does what? It couldn't. It couldn't possibly. That makes no sense!"

How wrong we were.

These elastic shoelaces do everything they say - stretch - and so much more.

We want to make sure that you're totally clear on what these stretching no-tie shoelaces do, so we're going to explain the whole process right here:

  1. Buy these shoelaces. You're going to read to the end of this description first, but when you're done, we'll remind you.
  2. When you receive them in the mail, take the existing and disappointing laces out of your favorite sneakers, tennis shoes, casual shoes or just shoes.
  3. Re-lace said shoes with these nifty elastic shoelaces.
  4. Put your shoes on.
  5. Tie your shoes for the last time. Here's a trick: if you find that you have a little more length than normal, tuck the excess beneath the interlaced portion, and you'll never have to think about it again.
  6. Now you're either sitting or standing (lying down?) with your shoes tied.
  7. Take your shoes off without untying your shoes - remember, you're done with that fool's errand - and you'll notice that as you take them off your elastic shoelaces comfortably stretch to allow your foot to come out.
  8. Pause for a moment to be impressed, amazed and delighted.
  9. Put your shoes back on by sliding your foot right in (perhaps holding the tongue of the shoe, but you may not have to) and leaving them tied.
  10. Take a moment to note that you just put your shoes on, they're fitting comfortably, and you didn't have to bend over and struggle to tie your shoelaces.
  11. Now, choose your color and your length and buy these shoelaces.

You may be asking, How come my foot doesn't just always slip out when I'm walking around as if my shoes were untied?

The answer: elastic.

These will only stretch the right way when you put pressure on them as if to take them off. Some say sorcery. Others say superhuman engineering. We just say, it's time to Love Your Clothes Again.

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