Collar Extenders 3-Pack

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If the neck is too small on your collared shirts, we want to share this ingenious solution to your problem.

This splendid addition to the acclaimed Love Your Clothes Again™ line is all about that neck. Collars on shirts get too tight sometimes. Maybe the collar shrunk in the wash. Maybe your neck got a little bigger. It doesn't matter the reason. Only the solution is important!

Enter the More of Me to Love Collar Extenders. Small, nimble, elegant and expandable. What more could you want in finding the perfect additional length for the necks of your shirts at an easily hidden small and compact size.

The button diameter is 3/8th of an inch (1 centimeter) and gives an extra 1/2 to 1 inch of additional space to the collar closure.

Simply loop one end of the Collar Extender around the collar button on your shirt, and fasten the button of the Collar Extender through the button hole on your shirt. Your shirt will fit comfortably again, saving you time and money not shopping for new shirts.

Every pack comes with 3 Collar Extenders.

Please enjoy these Haikus we wrote about our Stretch Collar Extenders:

Collar Extender
Wear your lovely shirts again
Springy Beautiful

Too tight! Constriction
Wasted fabric and money
Now given purpose