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Flexible Button Pant Extender (5-Pack)

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If you're tired of your pants being too tight and ready to enact some change in this waist-cinching world, then we've got the product for you: Flexible TPU Button Pant Extenders.

Made of malleable TPU materials, this Button Pant Extender is flexible and comfortable, giving you that bit of extra length you need to wear your pants comfortably again.

Each Button Pant Extender in this exquisitely crafted 5-pack is designed with your comfort in mind.

Once you wear it you won't believe the relief it provides, turning what was a tight and virtually useless pair of pants into a piece of your wardrobe imbued with renewed vigor and value!

Each unit extends the waistline of your pants approximately an inch or so, comfortably allowing you to fit into your pants and sit, stand, and walk with ease.

Button diameter is 0.6inch (1.6cm) to match the average pant button size.

With five pants-perfect colors - black, white, gray, beige and blue - you'll wonder how you ever lived without them.