15-Pack Button Pant Extender Kit (5 Black, 5 White, 5 Spring)

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Are your pants too tight? Do you love those pants and not want to have to replace them? We know the feeling!

This Button Pant Extender 15-Pack includes tons of solutions (15, to be exact) that solve this problem in an instant!

Simply fasten the button of your tight pants, trousers, slacks, or jeans through the loop of the Button Pant Extender, and then button the button part of the extender through the button-hole of those same bottoms.

Button diameter is 0.6inch (1.6cm) to match the average pant button size. The Spring Button Pant Extender (5 included) have some extra stretch to give you a little more length where you need it.

In an instant you'll find that your pants now have an extra inch or so of breathing room, allowing you to feel more comfortable all day long.

There's no need to waste money on new pants that you don't even like that much. Invest in a pack of Button Pant Extenders, and continue enjoying your favorite jeans, slacks, trousers, and pants!

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