Life is complicated at almost every turn.
Enjoy simplicity with these items that add by subtraction.

Airplane Seat Belt Extender - FAA Compliant

Are you familiar with the phrase, "that's my jam." It does not refer to some kind of gelatinous fruit preserve that tastes delightful when spread across toast, bagels, croissants or other tasty pastries. Well, let's not be silly - of course it could. We could easily forsee a situation in which two people arrive at the same and last jar of jam in the aisle of a grocery store in some kind of post-apocalyptic scenario, each placing a hand on it one right after the other. The first person to touch the jar would say, "that's my jam," and what would ensue henceforth would be, undoubtedly, epic.

But that's not what we're talking about. The phrase, "that's my jam" instead refers to someone saying that something is one's "thing" or within one's so-called "wheelhouse." Fat people on airplanes - that's our jam. We are, as it were, More of Me to Love, and we know big people on airplanes. So when we say, check out our Airplane Extenders, it is not casually. It is not flippantly. It is not another synonym of those words. It is with seriousness, a near antonym of those words. So let's talk more about that (below - yes, just scroll down).

Starting at: $39.99

Type A Airplane Seat Belt Extender - E4 Safety Certified

If you're tired of asking flight attendants for a seat belt extender, worried that the crew may run out of belt extensions and wish you could bring your own extender to save the hassle and embarrassment, then this is the perfect product for you.

Regular Price: $39.99


Deluxe Travel Document Organizer with RFID Technology

Yay! You're on vacation!

Wait, you have to actually get there first. So before you can totally relax, you still have to make sure to bring your this and this and your that and that to get to your vacation destination. With all that stuff to worry about, sometimes we'd rather just have a Staycation. 

But not so fast! Read more below about how you can still have that vacation.

Regular Price: $17.99


FlyBuckle Plus-Sized Fashion Belt

10 out of 10 experts agree: Wearing FlyBuckle regularly decreases pant sagging, enhances the wardrobe, and instantly amps up one’s cool factor.

Regular Price: $19.99