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Seat Belt Cover 2-Pack

If you close your eyes (not while driving), this Seat Belt Cover might just have you thinking that baby bunnies are cuddling your chest where your seat belt once was. And you're welcome. The cushy seat belt cover, coated in soft black velour, provides a pillowy surface to soften the feel of seat belts or seat belt buckles on your body.

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How about a side of comfort with your seat belt?

If the purpose of seat belts was to make you feel like you were riding on a cloud of rainbows and gummy candies then they probably would have been made from marshmallows. But since their purpose is to keep riders securely in their seats in the event of a collision, they were designed to do just that and no more.

But we're here to add a dash of comfort to an otherwise throat slicing, breast crushing, shoulder rubbing, trachea asphyxiating experience with our delightful Seat Belt Covers.

Simply wrap the cover over the offending portion of your seat belt and Velcro around to secure in place. Your only question will be, How did I ever live my life so long without this amazing item?

This comes with two items per order, so that you can share with your passengers or bring one with you when traveling in other people's cars.

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