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Do you have drive? Do you have what it takes? We bet you do! When you drive, do it in comfort, safety and style - and let us help with all three. Drive on!

Seat Belt Extender

Can't buckle up? Seat belt too short? Problem solved.
If you know the Type of seat belt extender you need (learn more below), then you can choose the style, length and color of your preference and start buckling up in safety and comfort.

Regular Price: $29.99


As low as: $15.99

Frankie Seat Belt Adjuster Clip (2-Pack)

Frankie, my dear, we DO give a damn - about your safety and comfort!

The Frankie Seat Belt Adjuster is a nifty little device that can make a big impact on the way you belt your seat.

Regular Price: $9.99


Auto Assist Safety Tool 3-in-1 Vehicle Helper

This 3-in-1 automotive mobility safety tool helps you get in and out of your cars safely and securely.

Regular Price: $29.99


Seat Belt Cover 2-Pack

If you close your eyes (not while driving), this Seat Belt Cover might just have you thinking that baby bunnies are cuddling your chest where your seat belt once was. And you're welcome. The cushy seat belt cover, coated in soft black velour, provides a pillowy surface to soften the feel of seat belts or seat belt buckles on your body.

Regular Price: $9.99


Seat Belt Tension Adjuster

Ready to get the seat belt off of your neck? The Seat Belt Tension Adjuster may be just what you're looking for!

Regular Price: $12.99


Bolt-in Car Seat Belt Extender

The Bolt-in.

Sounds like it could be a super hero, huh? Maybe it is. Maybe it's the super hero we've all been looking for. That super hero that will swoop in and take us away from a life of ill-fitting seat belts and incompatible buckles.

This is the super hero for a new generation. This is our super hero.

Regular Price: $19.99