Fat Girls Swing Earrings

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No jewelry collection is complete until the Fat Girls Swing. From your ears.

Do you remember your first pair of dangly earrings? How grown-up you felt. How fun it was to shake your head and feel the earrings graze your neck. The anticipation that something would happen outside your range of vision just so you could whip your head around and feel your earlobes swing? Okay maybe not that last one but you get the idea.Dangly earrings say “I’m fun!” Dangly fat girls swinging from your ears say “I’m fun and I LOVE MY BODY!

Self-Love is a Girl’s Best Friend

If you’ve ever wanted to wear your curvy self-lovin’ heart on more than just your sleeve, the Fat Girls Swing earrings will definitely make the statement you’re looking for.Likewise, if you’ve ever wanted show your support for body love but didn’t quite know how to do so, Fat Girls Swing earrings are a fun, yet subtle way to start.

Style: Blond Hair, Pink Dress