"I Love My Big Ass" Button

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Do you love your butt? Is it considered large? If you answered yes to both of those questions - or if you're just delightfully sassy or cheekilly ironic - then this button may be the perfect complement to your attitude.

You may be asking yourself, how do I know if I can truly sport a button that says, I love my big ass? That's a rather daring thing to do, after all. Well, in the first place, you could always put it on a cork board in your office, or on your backpack, or perhaps on your vanity just as a reminder while you're getting ready in the morning that you should be proud of your body and who you are.Yet, it's entirely possible that you're thinking, Oh, no no. I do not buy clever buttons only to let them lay dormant somewhere in my life. I buy them to rock around town and make sure that everyone knows, indeed, that I love my big ass.If this is you, allow us to offer a few suggestions and circumstances for where you could take advantage of such a spicy button:

  • At the beach

  • In a club

  • At Thanksgiving dinner

  • With your mom

  • Clothes shopping

  • With your grandma

  • To the doctor's office

  • To the trainer or nutritionist

  • When strolling down the street

  • When going out to dinner

  • When speed dating

  • While barbecuing

  • Grocery shopping

  • To the nail salon

Here are some circumstances under which you don't want to wear this button because it would be dangerous:

  • While playing sports

  • While engaging physically with someone else

  • While running

  • While white-water rafting

  • While taming lions

As you can see, there are many more plausible scenarios in which this button would be an absolute asset, so we suggest playing the odds, getting the button, and then wearing it in all of these appropriate circumstances.