Bra Strap Shoulder Holder

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The Bra Strap Shoulder Holder, a part of the Love Your Clothes Again Collection, gently sits on your shoulder and keeps your bra strap from slipping off. Whether the straps of your bra are a little too loose or a little too tight, it poses a challenge: either it slips off your shoulder or it cuts into your skin. Either way, the Bra Strap Shoulder Holder solves the problem, either by making your bra-straps “no slip” or by spreading out the surface area that the bra strap is pressing into to alleviate the pressure.

The Bra Strap Shoulder holder “grips” your shoulder with its comfortable silicone makeup so that your bra strap can be slipped into the runner and stay in place on your shoulders instead of slipping down constantly onto your upper arm. It then hides discreetly beneath your clothes. The Bra Strap Shoulder Holder has a flat surface with a runner for your bra strap, which will allow the pressure the bra is putting on your shoulder to be distributed across a wider surface area, reducing discomfort.

Here are some scenarios in which this product may be great for you.

  • When you are wearing a blouse with especially short sleeves or no sleeves.
  • When you have looser clothes
  • When your bra straps don’t adjust enough to stay on
  • When your bra straps have become tight
  • When you have narrow bra straps and want to distribute their impact on your shoulder
  • If your clothes aren’t extremely tight or don’t have spaghetti straps

Care Instructions – If you need to wash the Bra Strap Shoulder Holder you can run under warm water and rub with your hand. If it is especially dirty use a gentle, non-abrasive soap for cleaning and rinse off thoroughly before using again. Pat dry and allow to dry fully before use.

Colors - The Bra Strap Shoulder Holder is available in translucent white, black, and a peachy beige, designed to match and blend with a variety of skin tones and popular bra colors. You may wish to adjust the one you use based on the particulars of the outfit you’re wearing.

Materials - The Bra Strap Shoulder Holder is made of BPA-free silicone. It’s smooth and flat on the back with a a narrow runner on the front with room underneath for your bra strap, anywhere from a spaghetti strap to an inch wide.

Packaging - Two pieces come per package, one for each shoulder strap.

1 Review

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    Bra Strap Shoulder Holder

    Posted by Juanita on 7th Mar 2023

    This worked for awhile and kept the skinny straps up on my shoulders but after a few hours, the bra holders slipped down into my clothes.

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