Fat: The Owner's Manual

How many negative thoughts have you had about your body? How many times have you thought, "If only I were thinner..."? How many times have you passed on what you wanted to wear for what you felt like you had to wear to "accommodate" your body?

Well, those days are over. Why? Because now there's an owner's manual for your body that comes with all the instructions, directions and guidance you'll need to eventually put things on autopilot and turn to all of the opportunities in front of you.

And did we mention that Ragen is a hoot and a holler, and you're sure to have a blast reading her tales? Oh, well, you will, so get ready to change your life in style.

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It's your life. It's your body. Live it, love it, but most importantly - Own it!

We wish everything in life came with an owner's manual, and now, living - and loving - your body has its very own. And at that, from the person who's helped empower so many others to change their attitudes about their bodies for the better, teaching them to live a full life now.

Here are some things that we wish also came with an owner's manual:

  • how to order a fancy drink at Starbucks without sounding too pretentious (probably impossible)
  • how to engage in just enough polite banter with the masseuse to feel comfortable not speaking with her for the rest of the massage
  • how to choose the caricaturist at the fair who's going to understand just what you're looking for

For years, figuring out how to be comfortable in our own skin was just another one of those things that we had to learn to deal with on our own. But no more!

The incomparable, sensational, unparalleled, magnificent (but humble - these are all our words) Ragen Chastain has brought us Fat: The Owner's Manual. As a writer, speaker, dancer and full time Size Acceptance Activist, Ragen shares with all of us how to have the unapologetic attitude about our bodies that free us to live for our dreams. That's a tall order, we know, but this owner's manual will show you how.

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