Pant Waistband Hook Extender 5-Pack

If the waistband of your pants or skirt is too tight, we've got your solution right here!

Yikes - that sounded threatening. I guess you couldn't see us smiling when we said that. 

You're going to love this thing - all five of them, really - so learn more below.

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Regular Price: $14.99



Our Pant Waistband Hook Extenders just hook right into the waistband of your pants and skirt, making you more comfortable in an instant. There aren't many things that can provide instant relief - that first splash of water on your lips when you've finally found a waterfountain in a huge park on a hot day (maybe?) - but the Pant Waistband Extender is definitely one of them.  

It will extend the waistline of your pants or skirt from one to two inches with ease. And, it comes in five fabulous colors to match a host of clothes, so you'll be able to wear all of your pants and skirts comfortably again.

Each individually hand-sewn Pant Waistband Hook Extender comes with three latches to let you select the perfect amount of extra length for you and your waistband.

These can be washed, but we recommend washing them separately and with care, you know, because you care about them.

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