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Stretch Elastic Bra Extender

The Stretch Elastic Bra Extenders are the supercharged version of our already fantastic More of Me to Love Bra Extenders. Rather than just provide a fixed length, we have added elastic between the cotton ends so that the Stretch Elastic Bra Extender can provide just the right fit for your bra every time.

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Regular Price: $12.99



The More of Me to Love Stretch Elastic Bra Extender is another fabulous product in the Love Your Clothes Again line, which is designed to provide a little bit of extra length in your bra.

Sometimes we outgrow our bras. It happens. Many people fret when this happens, but there's no need now with the new Stretch Bra Extender. The original Bra Extender (still a great product) has three fixed length options set at the various intervals of the hooks. This expandable bra extender builds on that innovative technology by adding elastic between the cotton ends, thereby providing some additional stretch so that your bra is the perfect fit every time.

The shortest length you can get with no stretch from the first set of hooks is 2.5" of extension and the longest length you can get stretched out and hooked on the furthest hooks is about 5.5". With three different hook settings on the Stretch Bra Extension and likely on your bra, this will most assuredly work well for you.

This elastic and cotton bra extension comes in three different hook possibilities to suit a wide variety of bras. It is also available in white, beige, black and a mixture of the three that we call neapolitan (unfortunately, there's no strawberry).

Finally, let's explain the "pack" situation. This product comes standard in a 3-Pack. However, we understand that you might want just one unit. That's okay. We're making that available to you in a 1-pack, though, we appreciate that the word "pack" is misleading here. Finally, if you're feeling funky and you know you're prone to lose things, like to give away extras as gifts or just want a lot around, we have a 9-pack in each hook variety with 3 black, 3 white and 3 beige. This is a pretty awesome deal.

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