Stretch Elastic Bra Extender

  • Keep Your Favorite Bras - Salvage your bras as your sizing needs change by lengthening the bra's band

  • A Fit for Every Bra - 3 colors in 3 different hook counts so no bra is left behind

  • The Perfect Length - The elastic stretchiness adjusts to create the perfect fit every time you put your bra on

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Regular Price: $12.99



The More of Me to Love Stretch Elastic Bra Extender is another fabulous product in the Love Your Clothes Again collection and is designed to provide extra length in your bra band. Rather than expand by a fixed length, an elastic bridge between the ends allows this stretching bra extender to provide you with the perfect fit for every bra.

With the Stretch Elastic Bra Extender, outgrowing bras is a problem of the past. Using a hook and eye clasp, just like your bras, this innovative product attaches with familiar simplicity. Three sets of "eyes" at consistent intervals allow you to choose the best option for each bra.

Length, Hook, and Color Options

The shortest length you can get with no stretch from the first set of hooks is 2.5" (6.5 cm) of extension, and the longest length you can get stretched out and hooked on to the furthest hooks is about 5.5" (14 cm). Women love the variety of possible lengths provided by the combination of eye latches on both the bra extender and their bras. The elastic then creates the adjustment you need for a comfortable fit of your bra with every use.

Choose from 2-hook, 3-hook or 4-hook options based on the number of hooks your bras tend to have. This comes in three colors: white, beige, black or a mixture of the three that we call Neapolitan.

Pack Quantities

This product comes standard in a 3-pack. We understand that you might want just one unit, and if so, simply select 1-pack above, though, we appreciate that the word "pack" is misleading here.

If you're feeling funky, occasionally lose things, like to give gifts, or have a lot of bras, we have a 9-pack in each hook variety with 3 black, 3 white and 3 beige. This is a pretty awesome deal.


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