Silver Spring Button Pant Extender (5...

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Spring Button Pant Extender 5-Pack

If you thought the original Button Pant Extender was amazing (well, you were right), wait until you see what the Silver Sprin...



More of Me to Love and the Health At Every Size® Paradigm

The Health At Every Size methodology is the most holistic approach to wellness we have ever known. It accounts for an individuals's physical, mental and emotional health, while encouraging each person to seek food and exercise choices that are both fulfilling and enjoyable. We promote and support the HAES® way in everything that we do. Learn more about HAES ideas and embrace respect for bodies of all shapes and sizes.

Share HAES blog posts, course offerings, and special events here and we'll promote them to the wider community.

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Who We Sponsor

More of Me to Love is proud to sponsor and partner with a number of wonderful organizations and causes. There is little as satisfying in this world as being able to do work that we're passionate about, and these partnerships deepen our commitment and ensure that every day we can know that we worked to make the world a better place.

By supporting More of Me to Love and shopping with us, you are automatically becoming a partner in these endeavors as well. A portion of your proceeds will go to championing and supporting the Health At Every Size® message and these wonderful causes. Thank you for being a part of this vision!