The Fat Chick Works Out

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A famous cartoon chef's motto is "Anyone can cook!" and here at More of Me to Love we like to say, "Anyone can work out!"That's possible because of spectacular and inspiring instructors like Jeanette DePatie, who make body movement fun and desirable with wonderful attitudes, a fabulous outlook and clever witticisms. Everyone likes clever witticisms.


With The Fat Chick Works Out DVD, Jeanette DePatie, a.k.a. The Fat Chick, shows you how to bust a move without busting, well, yourself. With fun and safe routines that anyone, from the beginningest of beginners to the most regular of workouters can learn and master.

The DVD has twelve weeks of material, and each week builds on the one before it. Week one starts off with a short and sweet aerobic "just to getcha moving" workout, and each week builds after that. If things are going too fast, just repeat a week.

Essential warm-ups and cool-downs are included in every week's workout, and you'll have so much fun week after week getting your groove on that you won't even notice by the end that you've been working out for a whole hour!

So get down with your beautiful self and work out with The Fat Chick!


Don't be confused by the word Chick in The Fat Chick Works Out Handbook title. This book is for any and all Chicks and Chucks who have ever not-quite-gotten the hang of pleasurable body movement but want to keep on keeping on until it sticks.

Filled with over 50 exercises, personal anecdotes and practical advice from Jeanette DePatie, you'll find yourself laughing, nodding and also exercising along to the words, wisdom and wit of someone who's been there before. Believe us, Jeanette gets it when it comes to overcoming self-doubt and replacing it with self-acceptance. She wants to help you get it, too!

Combine this Handbook together with the DVD - fun music and moves included! - or simply follow along with the book alone. Either way, you're are on the road to self-improvement and self-acceptance, and that's a wonderful road to be on.