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The Curvy Girl's Guide To Style, Volume 1

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Does this book make us look fashionable? Yes? We'll take it!

Have you ever stood in front of a full-length mirror or your closet and wished for a fashion fairy godmother?Allow us to introduce you to Chastity Garner.

As a plus-size model, Chastity Garner was exposed to all the tricks of the fashion trade. When a knee injury ended her modeling career, Chastity began her own fashion consulting business, helping plus-size women learn how to shop and feel comfortable in their clothes and bodies.

The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style

Chastity soon decided to share her style secrets with women all over the world, and voila, The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style was written. The beauty of this guide is that the fashion tips and tricks are simple - no magic Bibbidi-Bobbidi-Boo spells required.

Yes, the title suggests that the book is aimed solely at curvy women, but the truth is that any woman who has any kind of figure will enjoy Chastity's wit and wisdom. A wise woman once said, "Don't just stand there, let's get to it, strike a pose, there's nothing to it. Vogue."

Come on ladies. Grab a copy of The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style, unleash that inner fashion goddess (we know you have one), turn your hallway into a catwalk and vogue!

Don't Just Take Our Word for It

"Today's woman should always dress and see herself looking radiant. The Curvy Girl's Guide to Style gives you what you need to get there." - Yuliya Raquel, Designer & Founder, IGIGI

"As full figured women we've been conditioned for so long into thinking that being stylish was such an unrealistic idea. It's time to undo the damage. Ladies are going to love this book, you can throw this book in your handbag and head to the boutiques." - Fluvia Lacerda, Model