Important Updates

From time to time, we will issue notices here to alert you to product information, updates and recalls for brands whose products have appeared on our website.

Seat Belt Extender Pros
Safety Notice - January 12, 2015
Safety Notice - September 22, 2014
Safety Notice - September 21, 2014
Update - September 18, 2014

More of Me to Love
Posted: September 18, 2014
Update to Terms and New Extender Disclaimer

On September 7, 2014 More of Me to Love announced a number of updates to its terms. These changes are effective immediately. The updates announced are applicable to all interactions with information associated with More of Me to Love, purchases and items purchased or obtained from More of Me to Love and its agents, officers affiliates or assigns (directly or through other Web sites, online stores, brick and mortar stores and / or online marketplaces). Please read the updated information HERE.

Where possible and applicable, you will receive an updated notice, waiver, warning and disclaimer with products. However, for some period of time, some products may arrive to you with non-updated “Safety Information” or with updated and non-updated information. In these instances the new terms, including but not limited to notice, waiver, warning and disclaimer, shall govern. A copy specifically of this notice, waiver, warning and disclaimer as it relates to car seat belt extenders can be found HERE.