HeavyWeight Yoga DVD with Abby Lentz Volume 2

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If you're looking to ease your body into the practice of yoga, to learn how to enjoy body movement, stretch your muscles a bit and start to understand the ways in which you can comfortably and pleasurably move your body, then Abby Lentz's HeavyWeight Yoga DVDs are a wonderful way to get started.

Do you love cardio? Do you love chafing?

Heck no! We totally understand.

What a perfect segue to share with you a great way to get your body moving without agitation, chafing and lung-misery: yoga.

But yoga isn't just about avoiding cardio and chafing - those are just perks. Rather, yoga is about moving that marvelous body and loving every part - even (and especially) the jiggly bits.

With each HeavyWeight Yoga DVD, you get around two hours of body-moving and curve-appreciation from the unmatched Abby Lentz, who's not only delightful, but a certified yoga instructor, the creator of HeavyWeight Yoga and founder of Austin's HeartFelt Yoga Studio.

If you read two hours and were like And, bouncing (in the leaving sense, not the cardio workout sense), don't worry - this fabulous DVD is broken up into multiple short sections - each with its own warm ups and cool downs, meaning you can stretch it, lean it, reach it at whatever pace you want.

Laughter, enjoyment, body-appreciation and a reduction in body dysmorphia are all common side effects of this DVD series.

Choose whichever volumes you want to get started with, enjoy them thoroughly, and then come back for a different volume.

Volume 2: Join Abby and her students for a complete HeavyWeight Yoga class. Through their heartfelt interviews, learn how these remarkable students from diverse situations achieved better health and well-being with yoga. Achieve increased flexibility, improved balance, reduced stress and greater strength. Begin in this class with Abby and her students, and learn how to practice yoga alongside everyday people using the body you have today. Complete Spanish Edition included.