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FAT!SO? is a seminal text of the Size Acceptance movement, and its author, Marilyn Wann, is one of its most important activists. She's fun, shameless, honest and everything one needs in a friend, mentor and world-changer. For every person who reads this book, a fat-shaming magazine cover loses its power, the diet industry's deceptions are debunked, and each of us is a step closer to being free from body dissatisfaction. Learn more below and get your copy today.

No matter whether you're a size 2 or 22, most everybody (who are we kidding, everybody) has felt unhappy about their body and weight. To this, we're sure that the fabulous Marilyn Wann would respond with a resounding hand-on-her-hip-with-a-sassy-raised-eyebrow, and declare, "Life is too short for self-hatred and celery sticks!"That's why she wrote FAT!SO? - because you don't have to apologize for your size.Starting off as a zine of the same title, Fat!So? has blossomed into this chunky book full of essays, quizzes, charts, graphics and so much more that's set to destroy the stigma of the three letter F-word and instead take back the word fat as an empowering descriptor.Marilyn Wann encourages personal awareness of one's body, appreciating (not to be confused with accepting) one's size and working towards the goal of improved self-esteem and joy in movement and food.With a good dose of sass and humor, this book will give you the confidence, arguments and wake-up-call to proudly look any Judgey Judy in the eyes and assert "Yeah, I'm Fat. SO?!"