"Fat Is Beautiful" Button

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For decades buttons have been worn as signs of opinion, political action and even revolution. This button certainly accomplishes all three of the goals, and we hope you'll wear it loud and proud. Love your body. Love who you are. Let this button say it for you.

It's pretty easy to describe this button. It says "Fat is Beautiful." It's about an inch in diameter (that's the difference from side to side when measured through the middle, for those of you interested in a little geometry lesson this fair day). Yep, pretty simply to describe.So, rather than bore you with more details about how the back of the button is a safety pin for adhering it to clothes or cloth, like - well - a button, we're going to give you some examples of circumstances that this button could come in handy or people who might enjoy having it.

Discordant Lover

Is your lover being fussy? Does he say he's into a certain type of body? Well, first - leave this person. Second, sport your button. When he becomes discordant, pop it on, or, you know, stick him with it. Please note that discordant lovers can be women, too.

Rude Mother

Has your mother ever been rude about your size or have you ever heard a friend's mother be rude about her size? There's little convincing snarky mothers to get over their preconceived notions about size, but there are buttons that tell them you don't care for their opinions. Like this one.

Downtrodden Friend

Is your friend sad? Oh, no! Is it size related? Oh, dear! Let's turn that frown upside down. Let her try this button on for size. Oh, and margaritas probably couldn't hurt either.