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The best exercise (I know it sounds oxymoronic, but stay with me here) is the kind that makes you forget you're actually exercising. What could possibly do that, you ask? Dance. Shaking that beautiful booty with abandon and being free of the anxiety of, what if someone sees? is liberating. Let Ragen Chastain's Every Body Dance Now DVD series lead the way.

With Ragen Chastain's Every Body Dance Now DVDs, each and every one of us gets the opportunity to follow along with these, non-intimidating, choreography-based dances. Choose from full length beginner, intermediate and advanced versions of each dance to get you having fun and dancing how you're most comfortable. Each disc includes warm-ups, cool downs and all out free style dance parties!

Ragen keeps things real by giving you an as-close-as-possible experience to taking a session with her in person - no fancy production or over processed video production here. Just Ragen being Ragen and sharing the fun of dancing.

Volume 1

Beginner: Love to Love You by Candye Kane
Intermediate: Mistress Carmen by Candye Kane
Advanced: Heavy Woman by Single Bass
Warm up/Cool down: Breathe by Darci Monet

Volume 2

Beginner: Smoke and Leather by Darci Monet
Intermediate: Super Hero by Candye Kane
Advanced: Work What You Got by Candye Kane
Warm up/Cool down: Breathe by Darci Monet