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Deluxe Travel Document Organizer with RFID Technology

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Yay! You're on vacation! Wait, you have to actually get there first. So before you can totally relax at your vacation destination, you still have to make sure to bring your this and that. With all that stuff to worry about, sometimes we'd rather just have a staycation. But not so fast!

With the RFID Deluxe Travel Document Holder, you can rest assured that not only are all of your important documents - boarding passes, ID, credit cards, passports, yadda, yadda - organized, but also protected from outside RFID scanning that may try to steal the information stored on your credit cards and IDs. Whew - one less thing to worry about.

This Deluxe Document Holder also includes the following bells and whistles:

  • Snap closure to help prevent you from making it rain important documents
  • Secured strap for wearing around your neck, thus freeing your hands to browse nifty airport souvenirs and the guilty pleasure gossipy magazine rack
  • Pen holder pocket WITH included pen to keep notes such as where you parked the car
  • Hidden zipper pocket for small my-precious items

So next time you travel, make sure to bring your RFID Deluxe Travel Document Organizer and get your relax on!