Deluxe Bamboo More of Me to Love Bra Liner (3-Pack)

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Uncomfortable from breast sweat? Want to feel comfortable in your bra and prevent soaked through shirts? Care about the environment, and want to make sure you’re using responsibly sourced products and materials?

Our Bamboo Bra Liner is designed to keep sensitive skin dry and protected from bra underwires that cause irritation and rashes. Due to its absorbing and natural bamboo and cotton components, this liner keeps you dry and comfortable all day. At the same time, it limits the growth of germs and is thermo-regulating, keeping you cool and dry in the summer, and warm and comfortable in winter. It is anti-microbial and hypoallergenic.

We crafted this unique bra liner to reduce bra-related irritation and breast sweat through the healthy benefits of bamboo and the durable, pure properties of cotton.


A Pleasure to Touch and Use – Our bra liners are incredibly soft against your skin while also proving remarkably strong. The seamless, curved edges hug your skin smoothly, and no tags means no itching or discomfort. Plus, the fabric doesn’t cling to your skin.

Solves the Breast Sweat Problem – These ultra absorbent liners wick breast perspiration and trap moisture.

Reduces Bacteria and Their Odors - Bamboo is naturally antibacterial, so if you’re worried about odors caused by bacteria due to breast sweat, this anti-stink, anti-sweat Bamboo Bra Liner is your all natural solution. Sweat, but don't stink!

Stay the Perfect Temperature – This thermo-regulating material breathes freely, keeping you cool in summer, dry in humidity, and cozy in winter.

Doctor Recommended – Doctors and dermatologists have tried this product for themselves and with their patients and have endorsed this product for all of its wonderful benefits.

Goes on in Seconds - The Bamboo Bra Liner is held in place by any bra (regular or sports) or a similar wrap around your chest. For many people, the weight of the breasts also holds it in place.

Latex-Free & Spandex-Free - This product is free of these materials and allergens. 


  • Hypoallergenic – Bamboo is ideal for sensitive skin and people with allergies.
  • Antimicrobial, antibacterial, antifungal, anti-mildew – Bamboo comparatively inhibits the growth of microorganisms that lead to fungus and bad smells.
  • Porous -  Bamboo is one of the most absorbent materials and is therefore naturally wicking, pulling moisture away from your skin


  • Bamboo fibers are all natural and 100% biodegradable.
  • The fabric processing is safe for humans and the environment.
  • This bamboo is organically grown and does not require pesticides or fertilizers.
  • Planting bamboo can improve air and soil quality, converting a higher volume of carbon dioxide into oxygen.
  • Bamboo is drought tolerant, preserving precious water resources.

Materials: The outside is 70% viscose from bamboo and 30% cotton, while the inside is 100% cotton. Bamboo and cotton blend wonderfully together to create a fabric that is extremely comfortable but also amazingly durable.

Sizing: The Bra Liner, end to end, should go from underarm to underarm. To determine which size you need, measure the distance between your arms going beneath the breasts. This should be essentially half of your bra size. Please see the image of the sizing chart to match that distance with a Bamboo Bra Liner size. The middle of the Bra Liner comes up between the breasts.

More of Me to Love Bra Liner Size Chart: Small is 14 inches; Medium is 18 inches; Large is 26 inches; XL is 30 inches, XXL is 36 inches. Pink background.

Fabric Care:

  • Machine washable, but should be washed on the most gentle cycle available and preferably in a garment bag
  • Air dries quickly (do not put in dryer)
  • Do not bleach
  • Do not use fabric softener
  • Fabric softener and bleach damage the strength and absorbency of the fibers
  • Natural materials so may shrink slightly
Disclaimer: This product is not a medical device, nor can it substitute for any medical necessity.

41 Reviews

  • 5
    Bamboo bra liners

    Posted by Heather on 5th Oct 2021

    Have only used them for a few days and love them! They can shift around if you’re not wearing the correct bra size and can be a bit hard to slip on… I put my bra on first then fit the middle tab in place, then put each side into position so my bra isn’t touching my skin at all. My main reason for getting them was the underboob sweating and they work great at soaking it up! I washed them inside a mesh bag before wearing and dried them with my clothes on low heat and it didn’t seem to damage them at all!

  • 5
    Bamboo liner

    Posted by Cv on 29th Aug 2021

    My wife and daughter love the comfort and sweat wicking ability of this product

  • 5
    Bamboo bra liner

    Posted by Tammy on 23rd Aug 2021

    Been struggling for years trying to find something to help with heat rash caused by sweat when I exercise. This has been a life saver cleared up rash in less than a week. Loved them so much I bought 2 more packs.

  • 5
    Better than I hoped!

    Posted by Ashleigh on 11th Aug 2021

    Honestly - I kind of ordered these on a whim during our last major heat wave. I had been told that using panyliners would do the same thing at a fraction of the price - WRONG. These are SO soft and comfortable - They actually made my bra band more comfy to wear throughout the day. They wash and dry so easy and really did help prevent sweat from dripping - they also saved my bra so I could wear it more than once. Would recommend to anyone with boobs.

  • 5
    Love it

    Posted by Patti Schaffer on 5th Aug 2021

    Bra bands irritate my skin. These liners have solved the problem. So happy!

  • 5

    Posted by Poppyful on 4th Aug 2021

    These are great! Definitely worth the money, if you’re hesitating’ no more chafing, I’m dry and comfy all day!

  • 5
    Bra Liner

    Posted by Karan on 2nd Aug 2021

    Love this product. My dr. recommended it. It is great for full figured gals who collect a lot of moisture in that area. Try it!

  • 4
    Bamboo bra liner

    Posted by Isabel McGee on 30th Jul 2021

    Definitely wicks the sweat under to breasts. Runs large or true to size, so order a size smaller.

  • 3
    Not good for big boobs

    Posted by Nita on 6th Jul 2021

    Great length and soft but it a not very wide and clumps up under boobs

  • 5
    Wonderful !!!

    Posted by Wendy on 10th Mar 2021

    No more sweating under my breasts which was causing not only heat rashes but fungal infections. I have been struggling for years to find something to address this problem. You should stock these in Canadian stores like Pennington and Addition Elle. !!

  • 5
    Bra Liner

    Posted by Christine Korovilas on 18th Dec 2020

    Very comfortable. I actually forgot I had it on. Nice and soft. Stays in place.

  • 4
    Bamboo bra liners

    Posted by Dolores Zanetti on 6th Nov 2020

    I love how soft and absorbent these are. The picture makes them look like they go higher, but they're much more narrow than I thought. I will order more, but in a medium instead of a large. If there is ever an option to have a less narrow strip, I'd prefer to buy them instead.

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