Pambra's Tummy Liner (3-Pack)

Everyone does it, but no one likes to talk about it. No, we're not talking about eating peanut butter straight out of the jar with a spoon. We're talking about sweat.

A Pambra's Tummy Liner helps make sweat and its party favors (dampness, odor, rashes, just to name a few) something you no longer have to be embarrassed about.

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Sweat happens, and not just under our armpits! It can happen in so many places - on our foreheads, our upper lips, our décolletage (ooh la la), behind our knees, and, yes, our tummy folds.

Sweat is the body's own personal air-conditioning system, but it's hard to appreciate the benefits of sweat when all it seems to do is leave you feeling wet, sticky, or with a rash.

Wouldn't it be great if we could sweat and actually feel, you know, refreshed and cool?

Oh wait. We can. With one (not so) secret weapon. 

Tummy Time

After using a Pambra's Tummy Liner just once you're going to wonder how you ever lived without one. They're that powerful.

The liner is made out of a cotton/polyester blend that absorbs and wicks away sweat, leaving you feeling dry and cool. By eliminating the dampness that usually comes with perspiration, users are also protected against chaffing or other uncomfortable rashes.

Pambra's Tummy Liners fit underneath the tummy fold and then your undergarments help to keep them in place. Liners always come in packs of three and are machine washable, which means you can enjoy them again and again and again.

Now that's cool.


Before ordering, please measure under your tummy. Then use the chart to pick out the best size for you!

Liner Size Liner Length
Small 20"
Medium 24"
Large 28"
X-Large 32"
XX-Large 36"

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