Venus of Willendorf Stationery Set

The Venus of Willendorf is the oldest known statue of a person created by humankind. She has an overflowing belly, perhaps because she was a fertility goddess meant to represent abundance. Whatever the reason, she's now a symbol of the size acceptance movement, and she's gone from being buried in the ground for thousands of years to imprinted on this delightful stationery set.

This is no ordinary stationery set (if you think we're implying that it's magical, we are, but also please see disclaimer, and also let me tell you about these magic beans we have for sale that make you lose weight permanently), so read more about all the amazing things you can do with it below.

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Are you crazy about the Venus of Willendorf? Because we definitely are! In fact, we already have a Venus of Willendorf Stone Soap so we couldn't very well pass up on offering a matching stationery set.

With the Venus of Willdendorf Stationery Set, you can send 7 of your favorite goddesses, or perhaps one very lucky goddess, a cheerfully colored card emblazoned with the voluptuous Venus herself. Matching (or, we guess you don't have to match them if you're just funky - we have a little OCD) colored envelopes are included for each card.

We have no doubt that artist and creator Karen Aldrich would love for you to inspire some Venus-envy with her vibrant and bold stationery set.

Use them, display them, or just plain admire them, but in all cases let her curves empower yours.

The Venus of Willendorf Stationery Set is made out of paper, and so here are some additional things you can do with the cards:

  • Draw inspiring pictures on them with pen, pencil, markers or crayons (other implements are acceptable)
  • Write your favorite body love affirmations and put them online with #MOMTL and #VenusofWillendorf
  • Use them as table decorations at your next family gathering as a reminder that negative body talk and diet talk won't be part of the eating experience

Are you using them in other fabulous and creative ways? Share with us!

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