Venus of Willendorf Stationery Set

The Venus of Willendorf is the oldest known statue of a person created by humankind. She has an overflowing belly, perhaps because she was a fertility goddess meant to represent abundance. Whatever the reason, she's now a symbol of the size acceptance movement, and she's gone from being buried in the ground for thousands of years to imprinted on this delightful stationery set.

This is no ordinary stationery set (if you think we're implying that it's magical, we are, but also please see disclaimer, and also let me tell you about these magic beans we have for sale that make you lose weight permanently), so read more about all the amazing things you can do with it below.



FAT!SO? is a seminal text of the Size Acceptance movement, and its author, Marilyn Wann, is one of its most important activists. She's fun, shameless, honest and everything one needs in a friend, mentor and world-changer.

For every person who reads this book, a fat-shaming magazine cover loses its power, the diet industry's deceptions are debunked, and each of us is a step closer to being free from body dissatisfaction. Learn more below and get your copy today.

Regular Price: $15.95


"I Love My Big Ass" Button

Do you love your butt? Is it considered large? If you answered yes to both of those questions - or if you're just delightfully sassy or cheekilly ironic - then this button may be the perfect complement to your attitude.

Regular Price: $2.95


"Fat Is Beautiful" Button

For decades buttons have been worn as signs of opinion, political action and even revolution. This button certainly accomplishes all three of the goals, and we hope you'll wear it loud and proud. Love your body. Love who you are. Let this button say it for you.

Regular Price: $2.95


HeavyWeight Yoga DVD with Abby Lentz

If you're looking to ease your body into the practice of yoga, to learn how to enjoy body movement, stretch your muscles a bit and start to understand the ways in which you can comfortably and pleasurably move your body, then Abby Lentz's HeavyWeight Yoga DVDs are a wonderful way to get started.

Starting at: $22.95

Every Body Dance Now DVDs

The best exercise (I know it sounds oxymoronic, but stay with me here) is the kind that makes you forget you're actually exercising. What could possibly do that, you ask? Dance. Shaking that beautiful booty with abandon and being free of the anxiety of, what if someone sees? is liberating. Let Ragen Chastain's Every Body Dance Now DVD series lead the way.

Starting at: $17.99

Tiger Tail Muscle Massager

This personal muscle massage device yields serious When Harry Met Sally diner scene results.

Fat Girls Swing Earrings

No jewelry collection is complete until the Fat Girls Swing. From your ears.

Regular Price: $27.99


Fat: The Owner's Manual

How many negative thoughts have you had about your body? How many times have you thought, "If only I were thinner..."? How many times have you passed on what you wanted to wear for what you felt like you had to wear to "accommodate" your body?

Well, those days are over. Why? Because now there's an owner's manual for your body that comes with all the instructions, directions and guidance you'll need to eventually put things on autopilot and turn to all of the opportunities in front of you.

And did we mention that Ragen is a hoot and a holler, and you're sure to have a blast reading her tales? Oh, well, you will, so get ready to change your life in style.

Regular Price: $18.95


The Diet Survivor's Handbook: 60 Lessons in Eating, Acceptance, and Self-Care

Have you struggled to lose weight, finding that every diet you've tried has failed you? If so, you are a diet survivor. It's okay to step off the diet rollercoaster to reclaim your self-esteem, positive body image, and happy, healthy life. This inspiring book of 60 valuable lessons offers the tools and support you need to change your relationship with food, your body and yourself.

Regular Price: $12.95