Kelly Bliss Workout DVDs for Plus-Sized People

Kelly Bliss aerobic workouts are easy to follow along, fun to do, and designed for everyone from beginners, reluctant returners and recent recoverers. She really believes that anyone can workout - and we do, too!

More of Me to Love is proud to offer four sets of the Kelly Bliss Workout Collection, so you have more ways to get up, get moving and get to feeling the Bliss!

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Kelly Bliss's Sitting Aerobics: Muscle Toning, Stretching and more (2 DVD Set)

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Kelly Bliss's Standing Aerobics: Muscle Toning, Stretching and more (2 DVD Set)

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Kelly Bliss's Standing Aerobics With Fitness Plus - Higher Intensity (2-DVD set)

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SuperFit - Kelly Bliss with Lynn McAfee: Sitting Aerobics Workout (2-DVD set)

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Kelly Bliss, M. Ed., A.C.E. is recognized by the National Institutes of Health for her work as a Lifestyle and Wellness Coach, and she is a professional member of the Association of Size Diversity and Health. As a leader in plus-sized fitness, Kelly Bliss has helped countless people learn how to live large in a small world.

Each DVD set comes with 2 DVDs featuring a variety of low-impact and high-fun workouts.

Sitting Aerobics: Muscle Toning, Stretching and More

Take a stand - figuratively, of course - with your health by trying Kelly's Sitting Aerobics exercise program. This 2-disc box set comes with the following four fun and easy to follow 30-minute workouts. Whether you're a beginner, recovering from some physical malady or just need to stay off your feet, these body-friendly workouts are designed with you in mind. Workout all over with lower intensity motions and movements that will get those muscles working and stretching all to the fun of a boogie beat.

Sitting Aerobics I: This workout gets you started with covering the Sitting Aerobics basics. Smooth, comfortable movements all from a seated position get your muscles going at a steady pace.

Stretch for Large People: Improved circulation, fuller range of motion and increased flexibility are some of the great benefits of stretching. This workout helps you get all of them and more. Follow along on a bed or large couch and reach and stretch your way to a healthier you.

Sitting Aerobics II: Once you've mastered the basics, try your hand (and arms, abs, back, legs and buns) at a more intense aerobic workout. Faster and larger arm movements combined with more strength training in your lower body are sure to get your heart pumping.

Muscle Toning I: Designed to work out those abs without doing any of those dreaded "crunches," this workout can be done on any flat surface. But who are we kidding? The bed's the best place for any workout. This 30-minute experience features great lower intensity exercises for your abs, buns, legs, back and arms.

Who knew that sitting down could be such a workout!

Standing Aerobics: Muscle Toning, Stretching and More

No-Impact Aerobics II: Get your workout on and your heart rate pumping all without leaving the comforts of your living room, or whatever room you happen to be in. These medium intensity motions will have you jumping for joy - but not literally - as your muscles go through smooth and comfortable movements. If you're able to walk a few blocks then you can do this workout.

Muscle Toning II: Designed to be done from a flat surface - whether an exercise mat on the floor or even your bed - this 30-minute workout will help you strengthen and improve your muscles in a safe and controlled way. Rather than crunches that may compress the vertebrae, you will follow along with "look up/lift-ups" that help work your abs without squishing and hurting your neck.

Stretch and Relax for Small to Large People I: No matter your size, stretching is fabulous for improving blood circulation, flexibility and reducing stress. Designed with bigger bodies in mind, these stretches make room for the softness of your body - particularly the belly area - while working to stretch out and relax the whole you.

The Form Workout: Good form refers to having the proper posture not only in standing and sitting up, but also in exercise. Not only is "Good Form" the favorite phrase of Captain Hook, it is super important to have the correct form to prevent injury and undue stress on your body during physical activity. This lower-intensity workout has you focusing on what you're moving and how best to move it.

Standing Aerobics With Fitness Plus and More (Higher Intensity)

Fitness PLUS: If you're comfortable walking a few blocks, then you can do this hour-long workout. Kelly will review ways to customize the moves to meet your specific needs and abilities. The standing aerobic moves will work your arms and legs without having you leave the ground - that's right, no jumping. The stretches will work your core, keeping in mind a larger body's needs, while the muscle toning will work out the rest of the body in a slow, steady and smooth way.

No-Impact Aerobics III: Be empowered and get your heart pumping to this faster-paced, higher-intensity workout. If you're able to power walk for several blocks, or several wings of the local mall, then this routine should be no sweat (okay, maybe some sweat, but that's a good thing). Your weight will become an asset as the resistance to power through to work the muscles in your upper and lower body.

Stretch and Relax for Small to Large People II: No matter your size, stretching has wonderful benefits. Designed by plus-sized instructor Kelly Bliss, who understands the way a bigger body moves, these stretches make room for the softness of your body - particularly the belly area - while working to stretch out and relax the whole you.

SuperFit with Guest Lynn McAfee: Sitting Aerobics and More

Every super-sized person that you know should have this workout. Lynn McAfee (500 lbs. and Health for All Size Activist) will work with Kelly Bliss to lead you through wonderful sitting and reclining workouts with a little 6 minute gentle standing work. You CAN do this!

Back Health: This workout is great for people who cope with chronic pain. In this workout, you will enjoy smooth moves standing, sitting, and reclining. Your awareness of your body will increase as you choose moves that feel good for you and your individual needs. If you have back pain that comes from muscle tension, weakness, or spasm, then you may especially benefit from this workout. If you have back pain from skeletal or disc problems, this may or may not be appropriate for you. In all cases, please consult with your personal physician before proceeding.

Stretch and Relax for Larger People: Enjoy gentle warm-up moves and stretches that you will be able to do. These moves are appropriate for small people and for large people alike. Since the instructor is a plus-size woman, these stretches make room for the softness of your body, especially the belly area.

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